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Sign up to The Nautical mailing list for VIP offers and exclusive updates for food fanatics and seafood lovers. 


For a limited time: include your birth date when you sign up and we'll send you a $50 voucher when your birthday's coming up! (Ts&Cs below)

Birthday offer - terms and conditions: 

$50 voucher can only be redeemed on a bill with a minimum total of at least $150, up to 2 weeks before or two weeks after your birthdate.

The birthday voucher cannot be used in conjunction with our "Midday Mutiny" lunch special or $2 Oysters.

This promotion is running for a limited time only, $50 vouchers may eventually be discontinued. Signing up does not guarantee the voucher - but all birthdays within the promotional period will receive a $50 voucher as long as the promotion is running. 

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