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New Dish Feature: Hanger Sanga

The Hanger Steak has been a stand-out favourite for sharing since The Nautical opened, a big serve of Cape Grim grass-fed beef that's so juicy there's always a stand-off for the very last piece. Well now you don't have to wait for a mate to share the Hanger Steak with you. Introducing the Hanger Sanga. Juicy beef between rye toast, with peppery wild rocket and an apple and pear chutney that's too good to be true.

We serve this next-level steak sandwich with our infamous truffle chips, a snack so addictive you're pretty much guaranteed to eat a bit more than you needed to.

So if you're on Ocean Street looking for a big, juicy burger, think again - grab yourself a hanger sanga. It's even served in two slider-style pieces so you can share this bad boy and still have plenty of room for beers.


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