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Meet the Chef: An Exclusive Interview with Executive Chef Tim Searle

Get to know the culinary talent behind the delectable dishes at The Nautical, Executive Chef Tim Searle. Tim, who recently made waves on Channel 7's Weekender, is not only passionate about his craft but also deeply connected to the Sunshine Coast's vibrant food scene.

In this exclusive interview, he shares insights into his culinary philosophy and his love for Sunshine Coast-grown produce.

1. Embracing Local Flavors: Sunshine Coast Produce Shines

Interviewer: Tim, could you tell us about your favorite Sunshine Coast-grown produce to work with?

Chef Tim Searle: Line Caught Fish! You don't need to mess with it... Keep it simple.

2. A Culinary Journey Inspired by Local Ingredients

Interviewer: We've heard your menu is a reflection of the Sunshine Coast. Where do you take inspiration from when writing your menu?

Chef Tim Searle: While I watch Local and International trends, most of my inspiration comes from the produce itself, exploring what's freshest and in season. Keep it simple and seasonal, and let the produce sing.

3. A Chef's Delight at Home: Cooking with Loved Ones

Interviewer: What's your favorite thing to cook at home?

Chef Tim Searle: Wontons, the whole family gets together to roll them... very fun and a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen.

4. Culinary Craftsmanship at The Nautical

Interviewer: What's your favorite item to cook on The Nautical's menu and why?

Chef Tim Searle: The octopus tentacle. It allows for a great balance between allowing the produce itself to shine, while at the same time understanding what techniques are needed to get the very best texture and taste.

5. Culinary Influences: A Peek into Your Chef Playlist

Interviewer: Who's your favourite celebrity chef?

Chef Tim Searle: David Chang - watch ugly delicious!!!

6. The Tools of a Chef: The perfect blade

Interviewer: Who do you rate as the best knife/knifemakers in the world?

Chef Tim Searle: Mass produced - F.Dick. Artisan - Morihei or Fujiwara.

7. Finding Home at The Nautical

Interviewer: Why do you like to call The Nautical home?

Chef Tim Searle: Freedom, the people, and great beer.

Conclusion: Executive Chef Tim Searle's deep connection to the Sunshine Coast's local produce and culinary scene is evident in every dish he creates. His commitment to simplicity, seasonality, and letting the produce shine makes The Nautical a must-visit dining destination on the Sunshine Coast. Don't miss the opportunity to meet Tim and the talented team at The Nautical this weekend.


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