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We're all about fresh, local and sustainable produce here at the Nautical. And you don't get much more fresh, local and sustainable than the fish Matt Hubbard brings us each week.

Matt is a local fisherman with over 20 years experience on the sea and runs Prestige Fishing, a small family owned business who supply QLD restaurants like us with the freshest catch.

Matt's passion for fishing is driven by a deep desire to preserve the natural beauty and bounty of our ocean life.

Matt keeps sustainability and responsible ocean stewardship at the heart of his operation.

The whole fish on our specials menu (often red emperor and gold band snapper) and often the fish of the day we serve on our "fish steak" are line-caught by Matt in local waters.

He's one of the few local line fisherman that holds a licence permitting him to live catch and distribute. Matt will often deliver fish to us within a few hours of bringing them in from the sea.

Matt's catch is bled immediately on the boat, and placed straight into a salt ice slurry to bring the internal temperature of the fish right down, keeping it extremely fresh before it's delivered to the restaurant.

This truly is the best way to enjoy our incredible local seafood.

So if you're a true seafood lover, come out to the Nautical this weekend and get a taste of the freshest possible fish,line-caught in our local waters, and raise a glass to this local legend on the sea, sourcing the very best Sunny Coast seafood for us every week!


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