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Our chef is always on the hunt for the best possible quality produce, and sourcing top-grade fish from sustainable fisheries is a top priority for our Sunshine Coast Restaurant.

Which is why we've recently started sourcing our Barramundi from Humpty Doo in the top end.

The Humpty Doo Barramundi farm is in on the Adelaide River near darwin. Among the most sustainable Barra farms in the country, the Humpty Doo barra farm is a big name for barra in the premium markets of Sydney and Melbourne, and now you can find it among the best Sunshine Coast seafood offering here at the Nautical.

The Humpty Doo Barramundi Farm uses rigorous environmental systems, reducing water discharge to almost nil through their award-winning saltwater wetland system.

The wetland system uses natural grasses to clean the water for recirculation through the farm, delivering optimum quality water for high quality Barramundi while protecting the unique environment that surrounds the farm.

Once the barra arrives at The Nautical, we use as much of the fish as possible.

We fillet up the prime cuts of fish, using the slightly-marbled fillets for our menu and other specials.

The fins and their surrounding meat become our much adored Barra Wings. Similar to a chicken wing yet a world apart, these tasty snacks have become a big hit and ensure we get to use even more of the fish with less waste.

When you pull apart a barra wing it's full of super tender fish - they may look intimidating but with a little practice you'll discover why it's become a big favourite here at The Nautical.

Once we've used what we meat we can, we use the frames and heads for a flavoursome fish stock which we use all across the menu.

We're even in the process of looking at ways to use the belly and top ridge of the fish - fibrous but very flavoursome, we're trialling souffle-style thai fish cakes that will make best use of these cuts, so keep an eye out for some more barra on the specials board in the spring months!


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