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Introducing: The Flatiron Steak

Introducing our mouth-watering new menu addition, the Flatiron Steak! Cut from the shoulder, the flatiron steak is a tender, marbled cut of meat that's quickly rising from obscurity in the culinary world.

Known as 'the butcher's steak,' this hidden gem is trimmed out of the oyster blade. The long piece of gristle that runs through the oyster blade has historically kept this cut as a cheap part of the beast reserved for stewing and slow-cooking.

However, by carefully trimming around the gristle and removing the small piece on the top of the oyster blade, butchers, chefs and foodies across the globe have discovered this supple cut of meat called the Flatiron makes for a perfect medium-rare steak, rich in flavour & with a texture second only to filet mignon.

Our chef sources our Flatiron steak as locally as possible, from Kilcoy or Toowoomba, depending on availability.

Picked for their tenderness, our chef prefers to source grain-fed Black Angus cattle, with the minimum possible distance from farm to table.

So if you're looking for the next contender for the best steak on the Sunshine Coast, it's time for a visit to the Nautical, to taste first-hand why this cut is the butcher's best kept secret.


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