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A staple dish on mediterranean tables, though less commonly found on Queensland menus, our octopus is sourced from Fremantle and graded for size and quality, allowing us to ensure a consistently delectable final dish on every plate.

Our supplier, Fremantle Octopus, have perfected their craft across 20 years to deliver us premium Australian octopus through every season.

With some of the purest tides and highest food safety standards in the world, it’s no wonder that Octopus from Western Australia has earned a reputation for premium quality and product consistency.

Sustainably wild-caught near colonnades of coral and undersea groves, Fremantle Octopus dines on an abundance of nutrient-dense seafood including Western Rock Lobster, abalone and scallops.

Our supplier has been awarded the MSC 'blue tick,' certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. In fact, they even won the MSC - Marine Stewardship Council Best Sustainable Seafood Product Award for 2021

Choosing the MSC blue ticked Fremantle Octopus ensures ensures the future generations can enjoy the treasures of the ocean. Each Marine Stewardship Council-certified fishery or wild-caught process has been independently assessed on its specific impacts to wild fish populations and the wider ecosystem. Products with the MSC blue fish label also provide more transparency by ensuring products can be traced to the certified sustainable fishery.

As well as being a sustainable option when responsibly sourced, octopus tentacles are an incredibly nutritious, lean source of protein.

A diet high in wild-caught octopus provides vitamins, minerals and good fats essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fremantle Octopus is high in protein, as well as being a good source of Vitamin B12, iron, copper, selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Our octopus come from the Atlantic ocean, meaning they're smaller than their big pacific cousins, though when they arrive in our kitchen, each octopus 'hand' is around a metre long! By the time we cook them, first in hot water then charred on the grill, they're much, much smaller - but incredibly tender and flavoursome. This lean but mighty dish has quickly become a star on the Nautical menu. Served with a fresh salsa verde and house-made squid ink aioli, it's perfect as an entree, or a wonderful addition to a tapas spread. Come and try it today - if you've ever been less than blown-away by eating octopus then you owe it to yourself to come see our customers have been calling this the best grilled octopus on the Sunshine Coast.

Photo by @solid_visuals


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